Part 2: Keeping My Promise

The heart throbbing in my throat,
Grotesque hands tighten my neck
Two bold fingers block my nostrils,
As my eyes are about to squirt out

With the scarce air left in my lungs,
I hardly breathe through the mouth
Unable to utter even a single word
Nor produce any yell of rescue

Everything in her soaked eyes,
Her hands tied behind her back,
Yelling and screaming she keeps
“Get up and fight back
I don’t want to lose you now!”

This sweet voice hits my eardrum
Touches and heals every wounded part
Its charm restores my strength
With just a single shot,
I then manage to win the battle

Smiling blithely in my heart,
I crawl gallantly towards her
Upon realising those cuts on me,
Tears trickle down her cheeks

Beholding me in a piteous plight,
She score her lips on my forehead,
Flash a big smile, stroke my arms
And sing a verse:

“You promised you’d die for me
Suffer for me
Walk the wire for me
Do the impossible to save my life

“Now here you are
Hold my hand
And let’s sing
A love song together”

— Bright Madziva

© 2020

All Rights Reserved

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