Rising Poet Bright Madziva speaks hard truth against Political Decadence.


Rising Poetry artist Bright Madziva speaks hard truth to earthly sin and evil. His verses are a bitter pill to swallow for those who use violence as a way of silencing   dissenting voices. The Poet defiantly spews vitriol at political decadence and moral nudity that has since gripped the land of his birth. He sings his bold poetic hymns to innocent daughters lost in dungeons of quandary whipped day and night by thrashes poverty. His brave and truth rimmed imagery raves the hearts of crime-less sons roasting in ovens of violence   and hunger.  He wields his sharp poetic scythe to weed out dare- devils and their evils from the land that was once upon peaceful and was once the Canaan of Africa, the wordsmith like   he is, bemoans the demise of freedom and the death of peace. Africa Writers features this mason of truth with pride that Africa still gives…

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