Part 1: The Trap

A wild wind driving flocks of dark,
grey elephants across the sky,
Her fingers are perfectly fitted into mine
My charming eyes locked on hers,
Love is the only thing I can see

Dressed sprucely for the outing,
The colours she wears amply match with mine
The birds singing from the trees above,
A zephyr blows in a cheery motion

The sweet pecks, she deliver to me
Sweet enough to stretch my wings
Closing my eyes like a baby in slumber,
I feel as though I’m lightyears from earth

The picnic is unarguably novel
For the first time, we have chosen the woods
Yes, it’s an uncanny place
But to us, that is just a trifle

The grey clouds bursting out,
We sit inside the car and fog the windows up
Holding her hand and making some promises
A strange creature breaks in and pull her out

Running behind, following this devil
Thorns and logs rip my bare feet
As the screaming becomes unclear,
I take a second to scan the place.

Suddenly, a rod strikes me on the back
And I’m trapped in the subconscious mode
A voice I hear knocking my ears
“My hero, I’m so proud of you.
Man up and fight back to save our life”.

— Bright Madziva

© 2020

All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “THE UNCANNY PICNIC

  1. The picnic was novel and so is the originality of the poem in the way that you added a twist at the end… I did not see that coming but it still didn’t change the warm fuzzy feeling expressed wholely. Keep up the energy brother (tichanobudira hingirandi).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much bro. I’m glad you took your precious time to closely follow the lines. Let this warm fuzzy feeling keep you warm till the dropping of the next part.

    Thank you once more again for giving this a read and a comment.


  3. Amazing bamnini, forward evr. keep up the spirit n never look back.
    This is the doing of the Lord and its marvellous in our eyes.
    May the Lord continue to shower you wth more and more blessings and supply all ur needs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First let me thank you for such powerful and motivating words dear. To me, this is more of a prayer. I will take heed of it and read it again and again whenever I feel like giving up.


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