Because of the need to stay peaceful,
He does all things not out of sacrifice.
Because of fear – of which unknown
The actions of him are meant to gain validation.

Because of the pressure exerted on him,
He is no longer aware of his ‘inner self. ‘
Because he gave up on everything,
He wish he could travel through time.

Pressure – the fruit of oppression and injustice –
germinating from the seeds of fear planted in his heart,
has placed a laden baggage upon his shoulders.

Because of it, living his life has become a nigtmare;
He has been forced to withdraw from the race;
He has chosen to bottle up the pain
And pretend to be an obedient soul.


Many people in the society who are cheered up for being masters at showing veneration are not always born like that, but have been forced by the pressure that keeps building hills behind their backs.

✍🏾 Bright Madziva (Born Bright)

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