Fallen Apart

Good morning family. I hope you’re having a blissful morning.

As the day is going, how many of you have already started working on today’s objectives? Are you aware of unpredictable hindrances that may slow you down?

Whatever answer you might have, below is a poem extracted from my book as usual which touches on that. Take your time and delve into it…


Groaning harrowingly in bed,
Sweating like a cow in a slaughterhouse,
A poignant tug strikes his heart.

Staring at him with soggy eyes;
Eyes that evoke a piteous plight,
His loving brother holds him tight.

Confoundedly standing near the bed,
His ever-affectionate sister,
Gently spreads some pain-relief cream on him.

Nothing he can do except groan.
His mind obsessed, his soul tied up,
All his plans have fallen apart.



Many times, we set our daily objectives, but they tend to be swept off by the unpredictable tornadoes that life brings forth.

Poet: Bright Madziva (Born Bright)

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