Good morning. I hope you had a fruitful week. I know we’re all going through some tough moments due to COVID-19, but please, let us just keep holding on and hoping for the best.

Today I just picked one of the pieces in my book which I think could help rebuild your hope amidst this trying time.


Life is a package of trials
Trials of faith
Trials of courage
Trials of strength
Trials of wisdom.

Look how far you have come;
You’ve walked miles!
Sometimes climbing steep mountains
Sometimes swimming through raging oceans
Just to overcome life’s trials.

Many times you are battered by the storm,
Overran by waves of destruction,
Befallen by misfortunes
But one thing you must know –
You are born to conquer.

Yes, trials may be painful,
But they make you grow.
Like seasons, they come and go
So prepare to always
face them with a bold heart.

Amid trials lie a silver lining;
They bring souls close together
They strengthen families
They teach to keep grinding
with courage and persistence.

Never should you let trials get you down
Neither should they make you frown;
They should make you learn
that life is not a smooth ride –
but a journey of twists and turns.



Trials, as the name says, are never meant to destroy us, but to test our endurance and give us the best strength upon passing the test.

Poet: Bright Madziva (Born Bright)

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