The Sower

Good morning dear family. Much care and warmth from me to you as usual. This week’s poem is a bit lengthy but worth reading. So please take your time to delve into it and make sense of every line. It goes as follows:


I met him by the foyer,
carrying a bag of seeds I had never seen.
He is a man of God, I thought
And so did my friends, as we gave him a place.

Seeds everywhere!
No land was left unsown
Seeds all over!
Everyone was hoping for good.

Was this the restoration of lost hope?
Or the commencement of a new life?
No one knew the truth except for him.

As the rains poured,
All seeds germinated in every place
Growing and leafing at a galloping pace.
That in no time we were feasting…

But, alas, a great war arose;
Melees and rows uprose.
Scrolling the pages in my mind,
Something popped;
The sower was no man of God.



Be careful who you accommodate in life. Some people wear nice masks only to get your acceptance and trust, but their mission would be to steal your happiness and and stir confusion amongst you.

Poet: Born Bright

Image Credits: Free Bible Images

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