The Abnegator

A blessed morning to you all. I hope you are doing your best in keeping yourself warm. Well, today I’m giving you another piece to help you refuel your tank as you work towards achieving your goals. Here it is:

As the sun cut the eastern horizon,
I saw him walking down a dusty path
Carrying a shovel and a pick on his shoulders
Then I thought, maybe, he’s a miner

Just as he approached the big tree
He stopped and froze for a while
He took off his hat and also his coat,
He began to dig, sinking down.
Then I thought he’s seeking some treasure

People of different ages passed by,
Gazing at him with a contemptuous look.
Some even stopped and jeered at him
And he thought he was the master of fools
So he packed up his tools…

The next day, just after dawn
I saw him walking down the road again
But he had no tools with him.
Upon reaching the pit he had dug,
He yawned and laid torpidly on the ground.

Hours later, the barking dogs woke him up
And he thought he was day dreaming
It was only after pinching himself,
That he realised the moment was real;
the hidden treasure had gone.


Whatever you are doing, never get tired of holding on. Never offer attention to what the world says. You might be just an inch away from finding your fortune.

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