A Blessing And Curse

Good morning family.

How are you this morning?

Well. I, myself, am fine and grateful for this life God has granted me at zero subscription.

Even though I have been silent for the past weeks, I still had you at heart and that’s why I have decided to share another poem with you today.

Here it is šŸ˜Š:


A blessing from God, which if not planned for may be a curse;
A matter of achieving
the best out of the least
Only made bearable by execution
rather than idle theorising it is.

Happier it becomes when you forgive
When you bar the past from defining your present
When you bury everything in unfathomed depths
When you extend kindness and love to everyone;
Even to those you claim don’t warrant it.

Unpredictable it is;
But it offers the best shots
that can escape like wafts –
if not contained.


It’s simply a blessing to be alive, but if misused, that blessing ends up being a lifetime curse.


Poet: Born Bright

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